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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Just when I was frustrated enough to delete my whole blog and start over else where, it seems that my feed/xml/cache/whatever the hell was wrong with Blogger was fixed as of yesterday...

I apologize for all of the "test" posts! I'm bummed I had to delete 2 posts (and their comments) trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with my feed, I will be reposting them right after this one. To go along with the bad luck I've encountered with the technology in my life, my iPhone, aka my CHILD, has passed on to a better place after falling victim to water damage... WAHHHH! So my contacts are gone and I'm missing out on everyone around me's newest obsession: Hanging With Friends. DOUBLE WAHHH! I'm holding out on an upgrade until the 5 hits the market.

On the bright-side I'm back from a long Lake Tahoe getaway (one of my fave locations), so I'm feeling refreshed and enthused to get back to work and blogging!

Coming up (in no particular order) is the long over do start of my blog sale, Thank You Giveaway of Goodies, blog award post and some glam iKea hacking...don't be a stranger now!

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