They've Got Moxie

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Upcoming Posts...

HELLO MY MOXIFIED BEAUTIES!  BLEH-I haven't posted in a bit, once again my schedule has been wearing me thin...but anywho, that's not any of your problems, simply venting : )

I just wanted to let you guys know about some of my upcoming posts:
1.  How I dye my hair! I'll be going over some tips and tricks on DIY bold hair color.  Recently I've been asked a little more frequently about my Nuclear Red colored hair (since people like Rihanna and one of the new Bad Girls from the season in January have been rocking it).  As I type this I'm waiting for the bleach in my hair to completely soak through so I can paint it up!
2.  OMG Xmas is coming!  I'm going to go over some of my HOLIDAY FAVES.
3.  I'm so thankful for my visitors and followers, I'm going to be announcing an AWESOME New Year Giveaway!!!  I didn't think I'd get to over 50 so fast, yayyy!

So stay tuned guys, and thanks for hanging in there, I truly appreciate it!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Too cute, I want a million!

Ok, I know I'm behind on updating everything--I've been crazy busy and my health isn't where it should be, sooo blehhhh! j/k  I just needed to take a bit of my day to rant and rave about PZP Creations.
Photo shoot with the owner of PZP Creations, makeup and hair by me
Parisa Ziarati is the owner and the creative mind behind PZP Creations.  I've known her since she was in the womb and have had the pleasure of watching her grow up and blossom into an incredible young adult.  She recently created her own little shop on Etsy so her staple Kouture Hair Kisses and adorable crocheted creations could be easily available for purchase.  I was prompted to right this up when she sent me pics of her latest custom order.
Purple & Black Custom Unicorn
OMG!  Isn't the little guy adorable????  In addition to these type of crocheted stuffed animals, her line of Kouture Hair Kisses hair adornments are pictured in the collage above.  Christmas is right around the corner, and if you have someone on your list that needs a dose of cuteness in his or her life, hit up PZP Creations.  I love how this MacGyver of the crochet world can make anything from beanies to blankets, she can dial it out by either hearing a description of the item requested or being inspired by a pic!
Custom Frog she gifted to my sis for my nephew's nursery
Dia De Los Muertos Couple, two of her most popular items (so cute as cake toppers or displayed on your coffee table)