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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First round of goodies for the BEAUTY portion of my BLOG SALE!

This section of my blog sale will continuously be updated, so stay posted--I'm a beauty product shopaholic!!

These items have been stashed away in my makeup kit, hair styling kit or beauty drawers. They are on sale on the MOXiE VANiTY page of my blog. 

Whether they are still brand new in their box, tested out for a color swatch, or gently used, they are quite the bargain. Through the years my beauty collection has grown immensely. From gratis back when I worked for MAC, going nuts with different employee discounts, or purchasing products just because they were "limited edition" I need to think twice about what I store. If a product is used: it has been solely in my possession, only used on a clean face with a clean brush, sanitized after its use, and has never been swiped by a finger (when I see people do that to test out a product it makes me throw-up a little in my mouth)!

MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Sale price: $14.00

MAC Cremewash
Sale price: $12.00

Sale Price: $5.00

MAC Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Warm Ice *LIMITED EDITION*
Sale Price: $8.00

MAC Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Fashionette *LIMITED EDITION*
Sale Price: $10.00

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing my MOXiE CLOSET BLOG SALE!

Thanks for checking out my first blog sale post! I have added a new page solely dedicated to my MOXiE CLOSET BLOG SALE, please click here if you'd like to purchase anything!

Season after season my closet seems to have a mind of its own. Whether I'm holding onto a gift that turned out to be the wrong size or I tell myself I'm going to eventually use an impulse buy, I have stuff just taking up precious closet space. Most items here are BRAND NEW, while others might have been shown some love, either way all items are ready to be added to your head turning outfits! 

I will also be posting items for my MOXiE BEAUTY BLOG SALE within the next 48 hours!

Please pay mind to your blog feeders, I'll be adding items consistently...

L.A.M.B. Halman Satchel

Rockin' hand bag by none other than the great Gwen Stefani. I bought this bag by impulse and its still BRAND NEW! I love it but it needs to find a new home where it can be loved. LoL