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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holy Inglot Batman!

I just wanted to share some awesome news MOXiE Mavens! The stellar customer service department at Inglot contacted me to spread the news about the launch of their online store!!!!

I've always wanted to try Inglot, since I've heard to many great things about the line. Its one of the leading European makeup brands that has been successfully taking over new markets out here in the continental United States. The best way to describe them is if MAC and Illamasqua had a baby.
I have been drooling over their red (one my many favorite colors) brush belts, since I've replaced my MAC one twice already. I love that its patent leather, it makes it super easy to clean and sanitize! My MAC brush belt from the pro store always ends up crumbling up, chipping, and fading after about 2-3 years of wear, I can't wait to receive my new belt!!!

Another thing I wanted to share with you all is this AMAZING DEAL that popped into my inbox. Many of you are probably aware of, but if your not, their deals are HOTTTT! This week's STEAL OF THE WEEK is insane, I can't believe I almost bought this with only my employee discount at Nordy's a few years back... OMG over $200 in savings!!!!! I have a full and professional airbrush compressor and products to go along with it, but ahhhhhhh, a gal should never pass up a ginormous steal! Click bellow to grab one before they sell out at this price:


  1. do the brushes come all in one with the make up belt?

  2. daym im loving this! its so different to what i usually wear. I agree with you about the mac brush holders mine is not even a year old and i wanna replace it already!

  3. @Vintage Makeup: I know, I can't wait to check out more products!
    @Arabian Eyes: I thought it was just me! When I worked at MAC, the employee brush belts from corporate where completely different quality than the ones from MAC Pro. Can't wait to share the difference between this one!
    @Mevish: No, unfortunately not, its $45 for just the brush belt, but that's a pretty comparable price to others.

  4. I've never tried this brand but this brush belt looks great!

  5. thanks so much hun! hope u have a great week xx

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  7. I've never heard of BeautTicket and thanks to you, i'm now an addict. LOL.

    <3 Tanya

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  8. wow it looks amazing...growing wishlist^^
    mi-mi x