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Beauty Blog Sale: Moxie Vanity

Thanks for stopping by! These goodies have been stashed away in my makeup kit, hair styling kit or beauty drawers. Whether they are still brand new in their box, tested out for a color swatch, or gently used, they are quite the bargain. Through the years my beauty collection has grown immensely. From gratis back when I worked for MAC, going nuts with different employee discounts, or purchasing products just because they were "limited edition" I need to think twice about what I store. If a product is used: it has been solely in my possession, only used on a clean face with a clean brush, sanitized after its use, and has never been swiped by a finger (when I see people do that to test out a product it makes me throw-up a little in my mouth)!

Simple purchasing guidelines:
1. First come, first serve, please leave a comment listing what you would like and your Paypal email address so I can invoice you.
2. Unless listed in the description, all items listed from the "Moxie Vanity" section are shipped standard for $3.50 (+$0.25 for each additional item from the "Moxie Vanity" section, +0.50 for each extra item from the "Moxie Closet" section) If you need to combine shipping for items listed in different sections, please mention so. *I will ship internationally, just mention it in your comment, but shipping rates are subject to change*
3. I will package everything properly but once its in the hands of the postal service, I'm not responsible for and lost or damaged items.
4. No refunds, so please run a quick Google Search to make sure you want to commit to buying the item(s).
5. All items come from a clean, smoke-free environment. If the item is used, it will come to you sanitized.
6. Payment is expected within 24 hours from the invoice time-stamp, failure to follow through on the transaction will result in its relisting. I will not honor any requests to HOLD an item. Once the item has been paid for, it will be crossed out.
****Please note, I have an extremely scattered schedule and I'll be honest I hate going to the post office, shipments will go out either the Monday or Wednesday after payment is received, so please be patient!
Phew, now that the technical stuff is over...

Happy shopping!

MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover
Condition: Brand New, 2 available
Retail: $19.00
Sale price: $14.00

MAC Cremewash
Condition: Brand New, 4 available
Retail: $20.00
Sale price: $12.00

Description: I'd describe its color as an off white and extremely light colored blush having a baby!
Condition: Used a few times, about 90% full
Retail: $15.00
Sale Price: $5.00

MAC Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Warm Ice *LIMITED EDITION*
Description: the shade is a frosty soft pinkish-peach with pink pearlized pigments, BTW the compact is GORGEOUS, I popped the tin out of another shade and use it as a vitamin/Altoids travel case!!!
Condition: gently used but looks "super swabbed" because of the way this product was compressed, think of when you swipe Belightful Pressed Iridescent Powder or a frosty bronzer from MAC, it looks like you've had it for years...
Retail: $29.99? average price Brand New
Sale Price: $8.00

MAC Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Fashionette *LIMITED EDITION*
Description: the shade is a berry with red and pink pearl, same amazing compact as pictured above
Condition: swiped once with a #168 MAC brush, white hair brushes pick up a crazy amount of product!! (looks "super swabbed" for the same reason described above)
Retail: $29.99? average price Brand New
Sale Price: $10.00

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  1. hi! i'd love to snatch up BOTH sheerspark shadows!
    if you have a third or the lighthearted/modelchic powders i'd snatch those up (considered that the prices are just as phenomenal) :)
    thanks so much lovie!