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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its been too long...

Poop! So I'm blogging from the Blogger App (which by miracle hasn't crashed long enough to write this)!

As summer came to an end, I told myself I'd commit to blogging more frequently...then my comp took matters into its own hands! My good ol' lappy caught the motherload of viruses and I haven't been able to go online, let alone blog from it for over almost 2 months. I didn't want to believe that perhaps Blogger had some crazy connection to it all, but it turned out that it does. Although most of the problems are gone, I'm literally scared to blog off of it!

To add to that, I think I've just fallen into an slump of technological bad luck: my "hand-me-down" iPhone receives/notifies me about calls/texts when it wants to : ) you've gotttta love it! So while I attempt to leave some Christmas shopping money for the new model, I'll settle for the bad taste I'm leaving in people's mouths for thinking I'm ignoring them. If you know me, then you should know I'm not doing it on purpose. (granted it seems to play Hanging With Friends just fine, so odd.. find me: theritzbitz!)

On the VERY brightside, I will be sharing some extraaaordinary items I've been working on that I will be selling on Etsy come this BLACK FRIDAY! Please stay tuned my fellow friends and makeup lovers and thanks for hanging in there! Off to continue starving myself 'til Thursday MmMmm...

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