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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Aww, another blog award!

(please excuse this repost if you read it the first time, it was deleted when I was trying to fix my feed)
Thank you so much to Ev from Mozzarella and Makeup for awarding me the Liebster Blog Award! Its so easy to get discouraged to keep the ball rolling on with a new blog, so it warmed my heart when I read this.

I borrowed history the history behind the award and rules of it from her site:
It is said that the Liebster Blog Award started in Germany with the intention to 
highlight smaller blogs that are less known. (Blogs of less than 300 followers).
It is a blog that you accept with the intention of paying it forward. When you accept the award, you choose 3-5 other blogs that you feel are deserving of more subscribers and pass the award on to them. It's not mandatory, but it's just a nice thing to do :-) I'm always discovering new blogs so it's good to get the word out and help other bloggers get discovered as well.

I love the world of blogging and find myself reading my feed frequently. Some (but not limited to, there are SO many GREAT ONES out there) blogs I think are worth more subscribers are: