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Friday, October 29, 2010

Come by and visit tomorrow!

Hello everyone!
  Once again I've been MIA-but I swear-this time I have an excuse...  I'm going through a MAJOR room renovation that will probably take a million years to complete!  I have more clothes, makeup, shoes, bags, and accessories than a Nordstrom, which is far too much stuff to continue packing away.  I'm painting, sorting, storing, rearranging, selling, "DIY-ing," organizing, etc, etc... I think most of it is going to end up on eBay.
  Anywho, life must go on on the "outside" haha, so I wanted to invite you all out (if you're in the area).  I will be joining MsBelleza Jewelry at their Pre-Holiday Trunk Show.  They will be showcasing their stellar pieces and giving out an amazing raffle prize which will include my donation of a gift certificate for the winner's choice of either a Moxie Pamper Party or an exclusive Moxie Glam Slam Seminar.  Either option would be for the winner and up to 3 of his/her friends.  I'm also adding a MAC Cosmetics "goodie bag" with at least $60 worth of makeup!
  You guys HAVE to be there.  Their jewelry is so beautiful and their pieces are to die for!  As for my involvement, I will be hosting a Moxie Lash and Lip Bar, where I will be providing complimentary false lash applications and/or lip touch-ups!

Here is a copy of what the MsBelleza VIPs were emailed:

Hello Everyone!

It's not too late to RSVP for our Trunk Show this Saturday, October 30th, 2:30pm at Left Bank in Santana Row (across the street from Z Gallarie).

Come spend the afternoon with us! There will be food, networking and mingling, great company, and some fantastic prizes for those who RSVP to!

So get there early and buy the piece you've had your eye on, or get your holiday shopping done early! RSVP you and your friends to, and your name(s) will be entered into our raffle drawing for some fabulous prizes! We want to leave the prizes a surprise, but we can tell you that those donating may be a photographer from our fashion show and product shoots, a massage therapist, a hairstylist, a personal stylist, and a cosmetologist/make-up artist!
Only those who RSVP in advance will be eligible for the drawing.

With best regards,

Catherine Potgieter
MsBellezza Jewelry
Pre-Holiday Trunk Show
Come start the holidays with MsBellezza Jewelry!

This year, MsBellezza wants to begin the Holiday Season with close friends and clientele. Come share the afternoon with us and see some amazing pieces that you haven't seen before! Bring some friends, or come alone! Just don't forget to RSVP to so your name(s) will be entered into our drawing for some really marvelous prizes!

Event Info

Saturday, October 30th, 2010
2:30pm to 5:00pm

377 Santana Row, Suite 1100, San Jose, CA 95128 (across the way from   
Z Gallerie)


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Catherine will be bringing her handmade pieces from her Everyday line, some designed pieces from her Cocktail line, and some extraordinarily designed pieces that will be the show-stopper at any Holiday party!


Don't forget:
Where? Left Bank, Santana Row, San Jose, CA
When? Saturday, October 30th, from 2:30-5pm

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get The Moxie Look: The Perfect Bride

Veronica Diaz On Her Wedding Day, Makeup by Moxie Artistry, Photos provided by

The perfect skin...a pop of neutrals on the eyes...and some extra-glammy lashes to bat, make this look ideal to gawk at!  Emails keep coming in asking what products I used, so here you go fellow makeup lovers!

I'm a fan of applying shadow first, gussying-up face, and then going back to jazz up liner, lashes, brows, and lips...

On combo/normal skin (what I consider Heavenly) I'm the biggest fan of MAC Studio Moisture Fix and I usually use it around the eye area as well.  As a shadow base, I used MAC Paint in Untitled.  MAC shadows from top to bottom that I applied were: Brule as a highlight, with a dash of Dazzlelight right under the brow, Tete-a-Tint throughout the crease, Folie on 3/4 of the outer crease, Sketch and a light hand of Carbon to define the outer crease, and lastly Melon pigment on the lid, with a swipe of Dazzlelight on the inner corner of the eye.  I used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline to line the eyes, MAC Plush Black mascara to dial out some volume, and Covergirl's Waterproof Lashblast to seal the mascara for the night.  I loved how her lashes photographed, I ended up double stacking them.  I used a pair of Red Cherry W004N (a Kardashian favorite), layered with MAC #3 false lashes.  In her brows I used MAC Dipdown Fluidline for shape and MAC shadow in Cork to shade in.    
I didn't prime the skin outside of the eye region because it effects the staying power of airbrush foundation.  I applied MAC Micronized Airbrush Foundation using my Iwata Smart Jet Airbrush Compressor.  For her cheeks I used MAC Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand, and a mixture of both Trace Gold and Sincere blush.

For liner I used MAC Cremestick in Cream O' Spice.  Her glowy lips were created using MAC Honey Flower lipstick, topped off with MAC 3d Glass in Energy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suprisingly There's No Dust On My Keyboard

Yikes!  I've been such a bad blogger as of late, and I JUST started this thing up!  So busy or not, whether you're sporting a sour face or a gleeful grin, you can't stop time, life goes on, and I have to remember to make time for everything.  I'll aim for it not to happen again, but I'll be honest, I'm pretty sure it will...

taking a break to ring in my cousin's 18th bday
I'll start back up with 25 little known facts about me:

1. I have a pet lamb! Her name is Lady "Lamby" GaGa.
2. I'm a complete germaphobe!  I'm pretty nutso about germs: I don't sit on my own toilet seat at home, I get grossed out by sharing a remote with more than one other person and often saran wrap it when using a  communal one, I'm constantly Febreeze-ing or Lysol-ing something down, and can't stand when people  touch me.  Being that I'm a makeup artist and hair "fluffer" I'm constantly in people's faces and people are  constantly invading my personal bubble.  One example of how phobic I am is that I'm at the point where the BF has had to warn people when we're out not to touch my hair when complimenting it or asking if I have extensions in, he's seen me freak out before when randoms just start petting me, first off its rude, second of all, I don't know where the heck your hands have been!  I think the only people in my life that don't freak me out and I can share air with is my BF, my 7 month old nephew, a handful of female cousins, and my sister.
3. I've never done ANY type of drug in my life, not even a puff off a cigarette.  I'm not saying I don't like to  party or that I judge people if they're into that sort of stuff, I'm just more into the consumption of good ol'  alchy-hol.  Just like Frank the Tank says, "once it hits your lips..."  lol
4. I'm a total insomniac, even if I'm exhausted, I normally can't fall asleep until sunrise : (
5. I hate when people assume just because I love me a shnazzy pair of 4-5 inch heels and false lashes, I can't get down and dirty outdoors, I grew up chasing my dad everywhere, I LOVE SPORTS, I can tell you how to fix your leaky faucet, and I can advise you about how to fix your vermin prob.
6. I've never had a MySpace or Facebook account and am honestly turned off by people that obsess over either one.  I have a Twitter account that I set up this year because I noticed your ex can't really stalk you on there, and if you've connected with me on there, its under my company name, not my own.
7. I have 8 years of martial arts under my belt and although some call me tiny, I can most likely get out of one of Brock Lesnar's submission holds.
8. One of my hidden talents is that I can apply false lashes while behind the wheel!  Witnesses have survived the ride!
9. I'm a total nerd at heart!  I'd pick a Scrabble tourney over club hopping any day!
10. Contrary to popular belief and said "impression" I give off, I'm not a mean, bitchy, or stuck up individual.  I get a lot of feedback after someone's taken the time to get to know me and if I had a penny for every time I've heard I gave off a bitchy vibe or seemed intimidating off the bat, I'd be rich!  
11. I've been working since I was legally able to, my 16th birthday landed on a Monday, so don't let the over moisturized face full you, I have experience under my belt. hahah
12. I don't believe in moving in with your partner until you've got/put a ring on it and have a wedding date set in stone.
13. I'd rather kick it with the boys than catch a chic flick with the ladies, plain and simple.
14. I HATE THE COLOR BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. When I was in the womb, my parents thought I was going to be a boy and at my baby shower, my mom's friend was the only one that gave her something girlie, low and behold I popped out and only had 1 dress to sport.
16. I have A.D.D. but I grew up in a time where kids weren't given prescription pills to pop like candy, so instead I've gotten used to going off on random tangents, not really being able to sit still during a movie, thinking out loud and assuming you know what I'm talking about, having an overactive imagination, and learning a bunch of useless info.
17. I don't have a problem cutting people out of my life, I've learned the hard way, "if you don't trim the crust off while making a sandwich, you're going to get fat."
18. I have a ridiculously keen sense of smell, with that in mind, the number 1 smell I can't stand is metal (you know that metallic smell that reeks of a sweaty palm full of dirty coins)!  You can often catch me actually sniffing stuff to make sure "its safe."
19. I don't go to church every Sunday, nor do I believe you HAVE to in order to be "Godly," but I do pray every morning when I wake and at night before bed, and consider myself a spiritual person.
20. My closet(s) look like a tornado has hit after I get dressed.
21. I was on team *N Sync back in the day, didn't them Backstreet Boys always look OLD?!?
22. Oddly enough, no one really calls me by my God-Given name!!  Either people have a nickname for me, or they call me Mari, pronounced (Mar-ee), which kind of sucks because I like my name : (
23. I "accidentally" let my friend read my palms back in 2004, always thought it was a bit of a joke and strangely, EVERYTHING HAS COME TRUE, I swear, it still scares me, and great, now I've got goosebumps!
24. If I get hiccups I won't get them for a few minutes like every other person on this planet, I will be hiccuping anywhere from at least 3 hours to 2 days.
25. And lastly, I live by the motto, "if I ran for mayor one day, would this come back to haunt me?"  OMG guys, that question has kept me out of sOOooo much trouble!

BTW, I promise my next posts will be makeup/diy/fashion related...