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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get The Moxie Look: The Perfect Bride

Veronica Diaz On Her Wedding Day, Makeup by Moxie Artistry, Photos provided by

The perfect skin...a pop of neutrals on the eyes...and some extra-glammy lashes to bat, make this look ideal to gawk at!  Emails keep coming in asking what products I used, so here you go fellow makeup lovers!

I'm a fan of applying shadow first, gussying-up face, and then going back to jazz up liner, lashes, brows, and lips...

On combo/normal skin (what I consider Heavenly) I'm the biggest fan of MAC Studio Moisture Fix and I usually use it around the eye area as well.  As a shadow base, I used MAC Paint in Untitled.  MAC shadows from top to bottom that I applied were: Brule as a highlight, with a dash of Dazzlelight right under the brow, Tete-a-Tint throughout the crease, Folie on 3/4 of the outer crease, Sketch and a light hand of Carbon to define the outer crease, and lastly Melon pigment on the lid, with a swipe of Dazzlelight on the inner corner of the eye.  I used MAC Blacktrack Fluidline to line the eyes, MAC Plush Black mascara to dial out some volume, and Covergirl's Waterproof Lashblast to seal the mascara for the night.  I loved how her lashes photographed, I ended up double stacking them.  I used a pair of Red Cherry W004N (a Kardashian favorite), layered with MAC #3 false lashes.  In her brows I used MAC Dipdown Fluidline for shape and MAC shadow in Cork to shade in.    
I didn't prime the skin outside of the eye region because it effects the staying power of airbrush foundation.  I applied MAC Micronized Airbrush Foundation using my Iwata Smart Jet Airbrush Compressor.  For her cheeks I used MAC Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand, and a mixture of both Trace Gold and Sincere blush.

For liner I used MAC Cremestick in Cream O' Spice.  Her glowy lips were created using MAC Honey Flower lipstick, topped off with MAC 3d Glass in Energy.


  1. love this look!
    and love your blog! :)

  2. amazing, she looks stunning! calling you in do to the make up for my wedding, haha if only! loved it!

  3. weird.. my names is veronica too haha!

  4. Thanks ladies! lovely comments = inspiration!

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    muchas gracias, buen jueves,besos.

  6. Ah. U did an awesome job. She looks so beautiful and flawless. Im sure being super happy didnt hurt either. Thanks for stopping by my blog doll