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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(Cue the False Lashes) My, What Big Eyes You Have!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "mannn, I just spent a good amount of time on my eye makeup, but what the heck is missing?"

Seriously, take the extra time you are using to blend a bazillion shadows into oblivion and pop on some faux lashes. Lush lashes are the perfect way to amp up your look!
(taken with flash) I took this prior to blending the faux lash band with my own lashes using
Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara, so you could see how I "flip" the middle part up a tad to open up the eye more. 
When I'm feeling like I want an EXTRA oomph I double them up-yes-I double stack them (I tend to do this with my bridal clients. When the right pairs are stacked, you get lashes that flirt with the whole room every time you blink!) 
As for the eye products I used:
-NYX Eye Shadow Base in Natural (from lid to brow)
-Brows Dipdown Fluidline (for definition), Cork eyeshadow (for filler)
-Highlight just swished on some MAC Invisible Set Powder (there was already tons of shimmer going on!)
-Crease MAC Club eyeshadow
-Lid NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean, set with MAC Old Gold Pigment
-Inner Lid a mixture of MAC Gorgeous Gold and Forgery eyeshadows
-Upper Liner NYC Liquid Liner in Black
-Lower Liner Graphic Brown Fluidline, set with MAC Old Gold Pigment, defined with Contrast eyeshadow
-Waterline MAC Humid eyeshadow
-Lashes Maybelline Waterproof One by One Mascara and Red Cherry Faux Lashes style #600

In the future I'll have to post on my favorite lashes out there and how I apply them (I promise you'll be able to pop 'em on at a stoplight! -you shouldn't if you're driving of course *wink,wink*) I've seen tons of awesome posts using everything from toothpicks to tweezers, my method's a smidge more straight forward I assure you! Happy lash batting!

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  1. love that pop of green, and the lashes of course!