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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(please excuse this repost if you read it the first time, it was deleted when I was trying to fix my feed)
Alright guys, perhaps one day I will be able to shellac the west wing of my home in mirror tiles, or accent it with OVERPRICED furnishings from places like Z Gallery, but until then, its safe to say I have NO shame being a BALLER on a budget!

I needed somewhere to stash away my skincare products, nail polish, cleaning supplies, and just stuff you don't need everyone that comes to checkout your new room to see, i.e. feminine hygiene shhtuff... Also, I don't have much extra room in my quarters, so I couldn't dedicate a wall to anything. I needed something that could store a bit, but stored it in height, not in width, like the shape of lingerie drawers, like the one pictured down below, but less "Mariah Carey" looking (no offense if you enjoy her music or her taste in uber girly things). Mind you the lingerie drawers in the collage below cost about $450 at their cheapest!
Behold, my Inspiration:
When I redid my room, I tried to make it as lofty looking as possible. I'd describe its decor as a "Rock Glam Modern" bedroom hahahh, I'm serious if you Google that, the images are drool worthy. Its walls are black, the furnishings are red, and there are hints of white here and there, topped off with a sexy damask-ish fluffy ginormous rug layering the floor like carpet.
So my end result was this:

Lovely right???? ...just nod... Let me show you how I created it for a grand total of about $95, a crap load of patience, and annoying meticulousness. Most def, the look for less!
What I used:
The steps I took:
1. I assembled the Helmer from Ikea, thank goodness I love putting stuff together because it came in million pieces. Check out this great YouTube timelapse showing all of the drama, I love the beer/wine bottle next to him on the floor!
2. Instead of building all 6 drawers I needed the last set to be tweaked with a tad so I could fit a couple of products upright. I took the tallest product and figured I had to combine 3 drawers as you can see to the right.    -------->
3. Once the body was assembled, I waited to add the drawer fronts since I needed to shnazz them up! I used the mirror tile panels I purchased from Kit Krafts. I sliced them up with a X-Acto knife, leaving room to use a hole puncher for the drawer handles to be screwed on.
4. Once all that jazz was done, I carefully applied the panels. I honestly thought it was going to be easy, but I was sooo wrong, I might as well have applied them tile by tile! I had to slice them up in even smaller panels to make sure they lined up right and when I got to the larger drawer I had to cut many of them down to singles in some areas!
5. After spray painting the handles black so it wouldn't look like a filing cabinet, I screwed them on and added them to the drawers. For the larger drawer I only added 1 handle in the middle and mirrored up the rest. I used epoxy to hold the 3 door fronts together and then reinforced the back a little more with Mighty Putty.

I hope I've inspired at least one of you to try making your own GLAMified drawers. These totally beat keeping everything in those plastic pullout drawers, plus I hate how they aren't easy to keep clean!