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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guilty Pleasures...

Alright guys just wanted to give a shout out to some sites that not only FEED my insomnia, but I can honestly say I don't go a day without checking them out:  
  Nik Richie keeps me glued!  I'm definitely proud to be part of the Dirty Army!  From being able to submit dirt on that "SLORE" that keeps hitting on your man or writing in when you're just sick and tired of seeing your town glorify the local bottle rat (when you know JUST how she wastes away the night afterhours..),  The Dirty is a GOD SEND!  I love Richie's commentary too, I was LMAO just reading some of today's posts.  Please check it out at least once, I promise it will take any frown off your face and you'll find yourself let a little cackle slip.
  Another site I hate to keep up with is Miss Kim Kardazzian's site lol but I'll be frank, I love her stylist Monica Rose.  Kim may have showed off a boobie or two all the way to the bank, but the outfits she dials out always look pretty amazeballs and she's become a household name : )
  Lastly, The Budget Babe always has the greatest choices for a fresh off the runway "look for less" steal or the answer to where to find a more affordable version of what your fave celeb stepped out in...
  Of course there's a million of other sites I find myself on, but peel your eyes away from stalking your ex's Facebook page and check one of those out!


  1. "amazeballs"! :)) If I may say, you seem pretty "amazeballs" yourself! You're funny and spunky.

    Kim Kardashian is fabulous but even moreso because of her stylist. :)

  2. LoL thanks. OOo, glad you commented, reading your posts, I'm glued!

  3. You're welcome. :)

    I'm waiting to see some make up posts by you! In the meantime, you're making me laugh. AWW thank you! I hope mine doesn't bore people. This is one of the handful of blogs that has made me giggle. :P