They've Got Moxie

Monday, November 8, 2010

OMG OMG fellow makeup lovers...we may have a new eyeshadow primer!!

Our favorite Unicorn Queen Doe Deere does it again!  Lime Crime is bringing us a "Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper Eyelid Primer."  Geez, this stuff needs a waterproof makeup remover at the end of the day, WOW!  Lime Crime is claiming it intensifies color,  prevents creasing, and is moisture-resistant.  They say:

"No other primers work for you? Meet your new BFF: the Eyeshadow Helper! Formulated to withstand extreme heat, moisture and even the oiliest of eyelids, this primer is guaranteed to keep your eyeshadow on! In fact, it's so potent our lab says you will need waterproof remover just to get it off.  Comes in a highly giftable turquoise box."

This product took 6 months to develop and Lime Crime says you can swim with it on.  I just put my order in because its available in limited quantities, don't forget to preorder yours today... (enjoy: "fb10" gets you 10% off)  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, I can't wait to try it!


  1. o kewl! I really haven't been using the primer I have much because I wasn't liking it, maybe I should try n find this one! lol ^.^

  2. hello, i'm from spain. I follow youu! Kissesssss

  3. I love this! And you're so damn pretty, I'm jealous! xxx

  4. @☮My☮Socks☮Never☮Match☮: I can't live without eyeshadow primer! Keep an eye out for my review, I haven't received it yet :/
    @CandyLulú: Gracias, bienvenida!
    @Brittany Love: Jealous-have you looked in the mirror? Thank you for your sweetness!