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Sunday, November 7, 2010

e.l.f. Haul

I had to do it guys--I had to finally use those coupon codes flooding into my inbox.  Overall I saved about $16.00, and in eyes lips face product, that's tons of dough!  I'm super skeptical about products with such a low price point, being that I've spoiled my face with some of my favorite pricey/finely jet milled/MAC-alicious/baked in Italy/Smashbox-ed type of stuff, so I hope I don't end up throwing these items in my "mom, these are free game" box (Momma G has been known to snoop and scoop up products out of my kit).  It took about a week and a few days to arrive.  When I opened the package I was a tad concerned because the boxes looked a bit beat up, luckily all the product was fine.  Anywho, a review is mos def to follow after a few days of play time with it all...   

  *Glitter Limited Edition Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection ($30)-  My BFF cousins and I have been really curious about e.l.f.'s brushes... I decided $30 for a set of their Limited Edition Brushes was a steal!
  *5 Mineral Eyeshadows ($3 each)-  After seeing their mega sparkle on a few blogs including The Hollywood Heels, I knew I had to try them-ugh once again-its just so cheap!!!  I picked out some shimmers in Golden, Celebrity, Angelic, Socialite, and Innocent, which has a matte finish.
  *Mineral Blending Brush ($5)-  This brush called out to me because it looked like my favorite #222 MAC Brush online, but I was completely surprised when I saw it in far, just by the looks of it, I'm not impressed.  Its basically chopped in half and the bristles aren't as densely packed, bOoo, super disappointed...
  *Studio High Definition Powder ($6)-  I'm an "HD" powder addict, I've tried them all and just had to check this one out!
  *Mineral Eyeshadow Primer ($3)-  I've heard this is an e.l.f. must! Once again I'm skeptical-but who knows?
  *Mineral Lip Gloss ($3)-  OOo Pageant Princess, is a dreamy light pink hue and for the month of October all proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, just had to get it!          

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